Robert W. Deutsch Foundation Ruby Artist Grant Recipient

Robert W. Deutsch Foundation Ruby Artist Grant Recipient

Nicoletta Daríta de la Brown

Nicoletta is a performance artist, interdisciplinary fabricator, producer, host, mother of four, filmmaker, self love champion, and unicorn. She is Black Latinx; proud to be a first generation Panamanian born in the United States. She is a chamána (shaman) and comes from a long line of healers. She produces audience participatory engagements through interactive workshops, immersive activations, and multi-sensory experiences. She is the founder of Vida Mágica Love, a creative platform dedicated to healing-centered services.


Nicoletta puts energy into developing works that communicate with her core and to others about the beauty of existence. Her work is about light, connection, spirituality, and love. She fabricates sculptural installations and creates performances that are meant to communicate introspection. She is motivated by the idea of the collective oneness; that all is interconnected.

Participant Experience Producer

Nicoletta works with an international team of talented passionate professionals with the collective goal of producing inspiring work. She collaborates with others to develop and deliver dynamic content. She produces experiential activations and large-scale events for diverse attendee populations, manages staff teams, facilitates positive guest experiences, and works to convey the authentic essence of each brand.

Host | Emcee

Nicoletta holds the stage for global experts, renowned thought leaders, and world-class talent. She takes time to make everyone in the space feel at ease while energizing the room with exuberance and enthusiasm. She insures that everyone who enters enjoys their involvement and leaves feeling truly seen, heard, valued, and happy.