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Mother of Unicorns


My Mother’s Day Plan: 

  1. Reflect on the 4 amazing beings that I was granted the privilege to carry into this world.
  2. Honor the knowledge + protection gifted from ancestors during my journey of motherhood. 
  3. Claim space for solitude, silence, stillness, and self care so that I can continue to love-on-them from an overflowing cup. 

As a Healer, and Empath, it is important to keep myself whole. In order to love-on others I must remain happy, joyful, and in a high vibration. I have learned that one must keep their own cup full. We must remember to only pour out with love from the overflow. Balance is key. There is infinite abundance provided by the Universe. Putting self first; Self Love is required to fulfill ones purpose. Self Care ensures that passion remains strong; for that is the navigator on the path. Happiness is what living is about. Remembering always that Life, the present, is a gift. Appreciation ushers in all manifestations, and I am so very thankful. 

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