Nicoletta Darita de la Brown

VidaMágica.Love inspires others to self-love. Provides healing-centred engagement through interactive workshops, immersive activations, multi-sensory experiences. Teaches others to develop individual self-care kits in support of wholeness and wellbeing. 

"Always keep your cup full. Only pour out, with love, from the overflow." - Nicoletta de la Brown


Your words, energy and passion truly struck me and I would love to share this experience. As college students I believe its important for us to understand how important self-care is and you spoke on this topic beautifully.
— participant
Words will fall short of how today’s visit with you impacted me. But I know I don’t need to use them for you to understand. I want to humbly thank you from the top and bottom of my heart.
— participant
I came up to you after your presentation to ask for guidance about a specific work situation that I was confronted with. I mentioned that at work, I had tried to make space for myself, metaphorically, but that one of my supervisors would not let me, and instead, pressured me to work through the holidays and on New Years eve. You offered me your time and ear and offered to meet with me. Having said those words and knowing that I had your help as a resource did so much for me, and I sincerely appreciate your offer of help. I eventually decided to see if I could move forward through my situation and use the resources already available to me — friends, colleagues, and human resources. I am in a much better place now. I thank you kindly for your help.
— participant
The self-care segment was really important. I can’t count how many times I put other things/obligations before myself and how often I binge relax instead of proactively setting time ahead for me. It’s funny how it takes feeling someone else’s passion for self-care to take nurturing my own art and soul seriously.
— participant